Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Sing to the Power: A Social Justice Program for Children Grades 4-5

Alternate Activity 2: Mirroring

Activity time: 10 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Bell, chime, or other noisemaker

Preparation for Activity

  • Decide how you will break the group into pairs. A leader may need to pair with a child if there are an odd number of participants.

Description of Activity

Paired participants focus entirely on one another, becoming fully present to one another in the attempt to match their movements exactly.

Form pairs. Explain that in each pair, one person will be the mover and one person the mirror. Ask the partners to sit on the floor, facing one another, with their hands almost touching. The person who is the mirror attempts to follow the movements of the hands and arms of their partner so closely that someone watching can't tell which person is starting the movement and which is following. This goal can only be achieved if the mover is choosing to move in such a way that it is possible for the mirror to reflect their movements. Both partners must be fully present and attentive to each other.

After a couple of minutes of this activity, ring a bell or chime to draw the attention of the group, and ask the "movers" and "mirrors" to switch roles.

After both members of each pair have had a turn at each role, invite the group back together. Lead a discussion with questions such as:

  • Was it harder to be the mover or the mirror?
  • If you were the mover, was it tempting to try to make things hard for your mirror, rather than working together for the overall effect?
  • How did it feel to remain completely focused on your partner?
  • Were you tempted to watch what other pairs were doing, or did you stay fully present to your partner?


If you have time, repeat the exercise with participants standing and allow full body movements, not just the hands and arms.

Including All Participants

If any participant may have difficulty standing or balancing during this activity, or if any uses a wheelchair, have all pairs do the exercise seated.