Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Signs of Our Faith: A Program about Being UU Every Day for Grades 2-3

Alternate Activity 2: Leadership in Action - Providing a Learning Opportunity

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Arrange a time and place for the children to perform one or more brief skits for a larger congregational group. Publicize the performance.
  • Draft skits, and plan some rehearsal time.
  • Secure props and costumes, if needed.

Description of Activity

Children provide a multigenerational learning opportunity.

Leadership in Action (LIA) activities provide opportunities for children to take the lead in an activity that engages with the congregation. Through these activities, young people begin to see themselves as leaders of their faith.

Encourage and lead the group to create skits that showcase UU Principles in action. Make skits easy for all ages to understand. Possible plots:

  • A family makes a decision about going to see a movie by soliciting suggestions from all family members, including children and grandparents. (democratic process)
  • Children playing a game notice a child who has no one to play with, and include them; children adapt a game to include someone who has a disability. (everyone is important)
  • English-speaking children engage with a child who speaks another language and they teach one another how to greet someone, in both languages. (accepting one another and learning together)

You might enact a skit that first demonstrates a situation where a UU Principle is not applied, then shows what happens when the Principle is applied.

Children might introduce the skits by saying something like:

We are learning different ways Unitarian Universalism supports each of us to go on our UU faith journey. We have learned that when we act on our UU Principles, we are part of UUs supporting one another in our faith journeys.

After the skits, discuss the experience. What did the participants learn from performing the skits?