Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Love Surrounds Us: A Program on the UU Principles and Beloved Community for Grades K-1

Faith In Action: Adopt a Rainforest

Materials for Activity

  • Construction or poster paper and color markers
  • Container or shoe box for collecting money
  • Rubber cement or glue
  • Use tape or other material allowed on your walls in your church to hang posters

Preparation for Activity

  • Go to the Rainforest Alliance website and visit the page on adopting a rainforest.
  • Compile information on rainforest projects that need funds.
  • Explain the fundraising project to leaders of the congregation. Obtain permission to raise money in the congregation for the project, advertise in congregational communications, and set out a collection container for donations.

Description of Activity

This activity will help participants understand the real need of saving our rainforests and give them an opportunity to educate others. Gather participants together to decide what project they would like to fund. Once you have decided, help participants make posters to advertise your fundraising and decorate a can or box for people can fill with financial donations. Consider using your cardboard tree for advertising. Decorate posters with rainforest animals and an explanation of the actual project you have chosen. Hang posters throughout the church and establish a deadline for collecting funds. Advertise in congregational communications including announcements in worship; consider taking a special collection for your project during a service. At the end of your fundraiser, publicize how much money was raised. Publicize a "Thank you" to donors. Send the donation to the appropriate location, as indicated on the website.

Including All Participants

Pair children with limited abilities with others to make posters and a collection container. Be sure all participants have an opportunity to help decide the particular rainforest project they would like to fund.