Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Love Will Guide Us: A Program for Grades 2-3 that Applies the Wisdom of the Six Sources to the Big Questions

Welcoming and Entering

Materials for Activity

  • Pipe cleaners, Wikki Stix, modeling dough, or other moldable materials

Preparation for Activity

  • Set materials at work tables.

Description of Activity

This activity is appropriate when participants do not arrive in a group but arrive individually before the session begins.

Welcome children and invite them to sit down and use the materials on the work tables to create an animal or other living being. A second co-leader should greet new parents and explain the plans for the day.

Invite children to share and talk about their creations before the session officially begins.

Including All Participants

This is an excellent time for co-leaders to notice the abilities and temperament of each child. Note how they respond to you. Are they shy and reticent? Are they anxious and jumpy? Invite a parent to share any concerns and pertinent information, including information about children's allergies. Do you have a sign-in sheet? As the children settle in, co-leaders should review the names of the children attending and share any issues that may need special attention during the session.