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Leader Resource 1: Sample Mother's-Father's Day Letter

Dear Chalice Children families,

On [day, date], we are offering a Mother's/Father's Day session for the preschool Chalice Children group. We want to be sensitive to the fact that not all children live with their parent(s) and we want to celebrate that there are many different types of families, all based on love. A child may be living with grandparents or a foster family; some families have single parents, step-parents, adoptive parents, and same-sex parents, to name just a few of the beautiful diversities called family. Our message to the children on this day will be that there are lots of different kinds of families and they are based on love.

In order to be inclusive and supportive, it would help us to know if there are family types to which we should pay some attention, or if there are difficulties to which we should be sensitive, such as divorce, incarceration, deportation, custody issues, etc. Of course, we do not wish to invade your privacy; we would just like to help support your little one. So if you feel it is important that we know anything about your family situation, please contact one of us.


The Chalice Children leaders

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