Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Spirit in Practice: An Adult Program for Developing A Regular Practice of the Spirit

Alternate Activity 1: The Congregation's Justice Work

Activity time: 45 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Optional: Pulpit or lectern
  • Optional: Microphone (preferably cordless)

Preparation for Activity

  • Familiarize yourself with the social justice activities of your congregation or of nearby UU congregations, your district, or the national Unitarian Universalist Association.
  • Invite guest speakers who are involved in these activities to serve on a panel. Explain that they will be asked to talk about the UU-related social justice work that they are involved with and how it relates to their spirituality and Unitarian Universalist identity.
  • Prepare some questions for the panelists in advance-questions you can use if participants don't think of questions right away.

Description of Activity

Introduce the panelists you have invited. Ask each one to introduce him/herself and to share a little bit about the UU-related social justice activities she/he is involved with. Ask panelists to speak about the ways their social justice work connects with their spirituality and their Unitarian Universalist identity.

After each panelist has spoken, invite participants to ask questions of the panelists. If participants don't immediately have questions, ask some of the questions you prepared in advance.

Including All Participants

You may wish to pass a cordless microphone between panelists so that participants can hear them better.