Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Spirit in Practice: An Adult Program for Developing A Regular Practice of the Spirit

Alternate Activity 2: Art Show

Activity time: 30 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Easels, tables, or other ways to display artwork (see Preparation)
  • Clock, watch, or timer
  • Optional: Microphone (preferably cordless)

Preparation for Activity

  • In advance, invite participants to bring their favorite artwork to share-either the artwork itself or a photograph of it.
  • Set up an "art gallery" display of the artwork that participants bring in.
  • Plan how much time to spend on the different parts of this activity based on how many works of art you have. For example, if participants bring eight works of art, you might allow five minutes for participants to look at all the art in silence and about three minutes to discuss each piece.

Description of Activity

Invite participants to move around the "art gallery" as they wish and look at the art in silence. Let them know how many minutes they will have for this part of the activity.

At the end of the designated amount of time, ring the bell. Gather the group around one work of art. Invite everyone but the person who brought that piece to discuss it. Emphasize that the purpose is not to critique the artist or the work, but to explore what feelings or associations the art evokes in the viewer. Then ask the person who brought that work of art to discuss what it means to him/her.

Move on to the next piece and invite discussion in the same way. Continue until all the works of art have been discussed.

Including All Participants

If some participants are unable to move around the "art gallery," adapt the activity by having the group stay seated in front of an easel while you display one work of art at a time.

Using a microphone for this activity helps more people hear one another.