Tapestry of Faith: Spirit in Practice: An Adult Program for Developing A Regular Practice of the Spirit

Taking It Home: Soul Practices

As a way of continuing to explore the themes from this workshop, follow these tips for using your creativity as part of your spiritual regimen:

Take time to look at the art already around you. Often we begin to take for granted the art in our lives—in our homes, in our places of work, in public places we pass regularly. Take time—each day, each week—to really stop and look at it. If you find there isn't much art—or if you don't particularly like what you see—make a plan to do something about it.

Take an art course at a local community college or continuing education program. It could be an art appreciation course or a "how to" workshop. Either way, the experience will expose you to art in new ways.

Create! There's no substitute. If you're really hesitant, start out small and simple—finger paints, crayons, clay. Don't worry about what it looks like—focus your attention on how it feels to be doing it. Try to increase the pleasure you get from the act of creating, without regard to the finished product.

Go to museums. See some of the art that we humans have been making for millennia. And if you already know you favor the impressionists, take in a show of modern art just to stretch yourself.

Don't limit yourself to the visual arts. While this workshop has focused on the visual arts, creativity is found in music, poetry, dance, and other art forms as well. Explore them as you have visual arts, and these same tips can apply.