Tapestry of Faith: What We Choose: An Adult Program on Ethics for Unitarian Universalists

Taking It Home: Natural, Legal, and Human Rights

Part of What We Choose

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. — The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted and proclaimed by the United Nations on December 10, 1948

Think about how you act in support of certain rights. As you do so, consider these questions:

  • What role do items like bumper stickers, signs, and pins make in showing your support for certain rights? What actions do you take that are in line with the messages you display?
  • What rights are you able to count on by virtue of citizenship, family status, age, race, gender, economic status, or affectional orientation? How do you, or might you, support extending those rights to others who cannot count on them?
  • Are there rights you believe are absolute? Inherent? How much are you willing to do in support of those rights? Do your actions match the strength of your belief?
  • On what spiritual grounding do you draw to guide your actions? Does your Unitarian Universalist faith lead you to prioritize certain rights?

Share your reflections with a family member or another trusted conversation partner.