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Taking It Home: Covenant

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Extend your exploration of covenants by trying one or more of these activities on your own.

For Couples: Reviewing Your Covenant

Take some time to review your couple covenant together. Discuss how an outsider might observe your relationship if the covenant is followed. Would that be a change? How might the relationship flourish by following the covenant? Are there other statements that you think need to be added to the covenant?

For Couples: Expanding Your Covenant

Talk with your partner about ways you could expand your couple covenant to address the ways you relate with other people — co-workers, friends, and family members. Consider: Are there conflicts or difficulties that frequently arise in your relationships with these other people? Using your couple covenant as a guide, how might those difficulties be resolved? Are there additional statements that should be added to cover these relationships?

For Families: Writing a Family Covenant

Share your couple covenant with your children and/or other members of your family. Talk about what covenants are, and ask family members what they might like to include in a family covenant. You may choose to write a covenant designed for the whole family, one you can refer to in times of harmony and times of conflict.