Background Information
Racial Justice & Multicultural Ministries

In contrast to traditional forms of justice which emphasize punishment and retribution, the truth and reconciliation approach applies principles of restorative justice by focusing on healing the relationships between victims/survivors, offenders, and the affected community.

Reconciliation Within Unitarian Universalism
As mandated by the 2007 General Assembly's Responsive Resolution "Truth, Repair, and Reconciliation," the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and its constituent congregations are engaged in the work of exploring instances of oppression in their histories.

Reconciliation as a Spiritual Practice
"When we engage in reconciliation, we invite change that will transform a relationship."  Learn more in articles and exercises developed by Paula Cole Jones, UUA consultant to the JUUST Change Consultancy.

National Truth and Reconciliation Commissions
Truth and Reconciliation Commissions (TRCs) may be established by governments whose states are emerging from a time of internal unrest.  Learn more about reconciliation commissions across the globe, and the U.S.'s first-ever TRC, established locally in Greensboro, NC.