Unitarian Universalist Association Engagement for Racial Justice

UUA President Peter Morales speaks at the Basta Dobbs! Rally in Boston 10/22/09.

Rev. Morales and other UUs participated in a Basta Dobbs! rally and press conference.
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America is at a crossroads of history and it is critically important for us as a nation and a society to choose a new path and move upon it with resolution and courage, the Poor Peoples Campaign must not be just Black People, it must be all poor people.
—Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in his call to launch the Poor People's Campaign

Unitarian Universalists, following the prophetic leadership of Dr. King, recognize that racial and economic justice are inextricably linked. While laws may be passed that make overt racial bias illegal, as long as economic opportunities are significantly reduced for people of color, then systemic racism still exists. And as long as racism and classism (and other forms of oppression) are seen as separate and competing issues, meaningful systemic change cannot happen.

As people of faith who believe in the inherent worth of every person, Unitarian Universalists strive for justice, equity and compassion in our relationships, and work for systemic change in our advocacy. Towards that end, we work on the following issues:

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