Copyright Permissions for UUA Publications

If your intent is to publish a translation or adaptation of a UUA-published work, please contact Mary Benard, editorial director of the UUA Publications Office, at, to discuss your plans.

Otherwise, if you wish to reproduce any material, such as hymns or excerpts from pamphlets or books, published by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) or Skinner House Books, please use the following guidelines to expedite the permissions process. Allow us at least one week to respond to your request.

  1. Determine whether or not the UUA holds the copyright. The copyright for many individual hymns, tunes, and readings in our UUA-published hymnals and collections is owned by the authors or previous publishers.
  2. If the UUA holds the copyright: identify precisely which material you would like to reproduce:
    • For a hymn or reading from one of our collections, provide the title and number, and in the case of a hymn, indicate whether you intend to use the words, music, or both (many hymns have more than one copyright holder).
    • For an excerpt from a larger work, such as a pamphlet or book, please provide the title, author, and publication date (to identify which edition or printing), and indicate the page numbers you wish to use. If you can send a scanned image or photocopy of the pages or paragraphs in question that would be very helpful.
  3. Indicate how many copies you intend to make.
  4. Indicate for what purpose you would like to reproduce the material
  5. Indicate whether you intend to sell a product that includes our material.
    • If so, what is the price of your product?
    • Do you intend to realize a profit?

We can also send you, upon request, spreadsheets showing the copyright status of hymns and latest available contact information for copyright holders. We encourage you to use these spreadsheets to contact copyright holders directly.

Please see also our specific guidelines on requesting permission to reprint music specifically for worship. Please send all other permission requests by mail, fax, or email to:

UUA Publications
24 Farnsworth St.
Boston, MA 02210
(fax) (617) 948-6466

People of many ages sing from the pews and the chancel at the UU Congregation of Fairfax, VA.

WorshipWeb's Copyright Issues Related to Worship page answers questions about what congregations can and can't do without permission from copyright holders.

Members of the 2013 General Assembly choir, holding black music folders, perform.

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