Elizabeth Nguyen

Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen at a podium on the General Assembly stage

Annie Gonzalez Milliken and Elizabeth Nguyen worked in the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries at the Unitarian Universalist Association. Annie supported young adult and campus ministries while Elizabeth serveed youth and young adults of color.

Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen is now a Unitarian Universalist community minister and a Migrant Justice Organizer with Community Justice Exchange. She has helped to start multiple communities of justice and spirit. She is a member at First Parish in Malden, Massachusetts.

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As Unitarian Universalists, our journey is to transform the big and the small, to transform ourselves, and to transform the world.

Responsive Reading | By Elizabeth Nguyen | November 9, 2020 | From WorshipWeb
Tagged as: Anti-Oppression, Calling, Freedom, Justice, Living Our Faith, Purpose, Seven Principles, Transformation, Unitarian Universalism, Universalism, Wholeness, WorshipWeb, Worship

I once saw a little sign, carved in wood, that read, “There is only the hard way.” Many of us have been harmed by theology that told us that suffering was a sacrifice that would bring us closer to God. Many of us were told that our suffering would redeem us, even when we knew that actual...

Reading | By Elizabeth Nguyen | November 14, 2019 | From WorshipWeb
Tagged as: Activism, Anti-Oppression, Direct Experience, Humanism, Integrity, Interdependence, Justice, Living Our Faith, Privilege, Prophetic Words & Deeds, Redemption, Sacrifice, Secular, Seven Principles, Solidarity, Unitarian Universalism

As Unitarian Universalists, our journey is to transform the big and the small, to transform ourselves, and to transform the world.

By Elizabeth Nguyen | June 1, 2019 | From UU World
Tagged as: Anti-Oppression, Forgiveness, Justice, Politics, Reconciliation, Spiritual Practice, UU Theology

Spirit of alongside, right there with you, in this thing together: ...

By Elizabeth Nguyen | May 14, 2018 | From Love Resists
Tagged as: Solidarity in Immigration Justice

Effective justice action requires risk, courage and discernment. This outline was developed by Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen in her support of various direct actions. Action Discernment Assessing whether or not an action is strategic or grounded in collective liberation, accountable partnership and the...

By Elizabeth Nguyen | March 6, 2018 | From Love Resists

What this is: 1 sheet on resources for uncomfortable/spiritually challenging moments We can dare to face ourselves in our entirety, to understand our pain, to feel the tears, to listen to our frustration and confusion, and to discover new capacities and capabilities that will empower and transfor...

By Elizabeth Nguyen | December 12, 2017 | From Love Resists

Spirit, I would really rather not learn this. Didn’t think I needed to. I thought someone else could do it. Thought a leader was coming to do it. Thought the young people could do it. Or the elders could do it. Or the professionals. Or I don’t want to learn it ‘cause it means letting go of...

Prayer | By Elizabeth Nguyen | November 10, 2017 | From WorshipWeb
Tagged as: 4th Principle (Truth & Meaning), Acceptance, Growth, Letting Go, Mystery, Searching, Transformation, Trust, Unitarian Universalism, Wonder

Kaitlin Dey, Thrive Young Adult alumni 2016 and 2017, shared this reflection at her congregation last Sunday. I spent the last 10 days in New Orleans. I attended Thrive Young Adult....

By Elizabeth Nguyen | July 11, 2017 | From Future of Faith
Tagged as: Activism, Business Meetings, Commitment, Community, Connections, Creating a Home, Identity, Inclusion, Justice Sunday, Secular, Truth, Unitarian Universalism, UU Identity, Multiculturalism, Faith Development, General Assembly, News

Aisha participated in this summer's Thrive Young Adult leadership school for Unitarian Universalist young adults of color. —Ed. The five days I spent with my Thrive Young Adult cohort were vibrant and life-giving. So many parts of it stand out, moments that were uplifting, and challenging, and...

By Aisha Ansano, Elizabeth Nguyen | October 21, 2016 | From Youth and Young Adults of Color
Tagged as: Activism, Beliefs & Principles, Community, Connections, Creating a Home, Faith, Growth, Homecoming / Ingathering, Meaning, Secular, Spirituality, Unitarian Universalism, UU Identity, Young Adult Faith Development (ages 18-35), Anti-Oppression, Multiculturalism, Faith Development, Personal Inspiration, Worship

This homily was delivered by intern minister and UU young adult Joseph Boyd after the murder of All Souls Unitarian Church, in TulsaOklahomaAll Souls. For many of us, these last couple weeks have felt very heavy, even exhausting. You may be thinking: I’d love to be more involved, but I’m already...

By Elizabeth Nguyen | October 4, 2016 | From Stories and Voices
Tagged as: Activism, Choice, Discernment, Education, Faith, Growth, High School-Aged Youth Faith Development, Homecoming / Ingathering, Identity, Prayer Practices, Secular, Spiritual Practice, Truth, Unitarian Universalism, UU History, Young Adult Faith Development (ages 18-35), Anti-Oppression, Congregational Action, News, Worship

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Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen, UUA Leadership Development Associate for Youth and Young Adults of Color
UUA Multicultural Leadership School 2015

Elizabeth with the participants of the 2015 Multicultural Leadership School in Boston, MA.