PWR Emerging Adult Mission and Vision

Group of young adults standing behind a microphone with a "PRO" sign on it

Mission: In Pacific Western Region Unitarian Universalist Emerging Adult communities, we strive to connect to Unitarian Universalism, gather in spirituality, and work to build more inclusive communities of love, respect, and justice.

Vision [Strategies and Tactics]

*We envision / We do this by…

  1. Connecting every UU Emerging Adult to UU EA and Young Adult opportunities near them.
    1. Media/Social Media/Web/Newsletter to connect EAs to wider UUA opportunities
    2. Creating a database of young adult UUs (like the college roommate spreadsheet) so folks can reach out to UUs in their area and find a church buddy - also for EAs in areas where there are not other UUs as a connection tool to communicate and find common ground.
  2. Offering personal, professional support to EAs near and far.
    1. Identify and recruit professional mentors for each emerging adult during first year of EA-hood.
    2. Offer a pastoral network of support for EAs.
  3. Providing EA community support for spiritual enterprises and worship, social justice opportunities, and in person events.
    1.  Crafting a Regional EA Council made up of PWR Emerging Adults and religious professionals
    2. Plant a cooperative ministry (e.g. Lucy Stone/Sanctuary) in Seattle area. The EA Council home base.
    3. The EA Council will organize 1-2 events throughout the year in order to provide a physical space for EAs to congregate and socialize.
    4. Creating a PWR EA Budget
  4. Partnering with congregations, religious professionals, and the broader movement to support this Emerging Adult Mission and Vision.
    1. Offering materials to educate older adults in UU congregations on ways to support emerging adults
    2. Hosting one or more in person trainings with virtual component to support EA ministry.
    3. Provide recommendations to make worship more engaging, centered around storytelling, spirituality, the arts, and human connection.