Pastoral Care

Photo of a Powerpoint slide with a collage of many emerging adults in a variety of settings.

Emerging adults are an important part of our multigenerational faith community, whether or not they attend a local congregation.

In this stage of life, they often have unique needs that may not be addressed by the pastoral care and “caring committee” model in congregations. The UUA offers flexible and age-specific pastoral care through a professional team that serves Emerging Adults’ needs for support and helps to deepen connection to their Unitarian Universalist faith.

Particular areas of challenge and growth for Emerging Adults, related to pastoral care:

  • Transitions and changes in location, family, relationships, occupation, etc.
  • Mental health challenges and diagnoses
  • Death and other types of loss
  • New or previously unexplored aspects of sexuality, gender and relationships
  • Changing relationship with Unitarian Universalism and religious identity
  • Navigating community (including UU community)
  • Financial challenges and changes
  • “Adulting”: developing skills to live an independent and fulfilling life
  • Coping with the demands of education and employment
  • Contending with the state of the world, finding hope and strength in hard times
  • Learning to be self-aware and able to identify goals and needs

Our goal is to offer flexible, age-appropriate, accessible care and support that Emerging Adults can access anywhere, whether or not they are currently connected to a congregation or minister. Team members can be accessed by email and by phone. / (617) 948-6418.