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Prayer for a Busy God
From WorshipWeb
Do we ever surprise you, God? De we ever do or say things which catch you off guard, or do you have everything under such tight control that nothing is...
Walking the Crooked Path
From WorshipWeb
Holy Spirit of Life and Love, You who are our source and our ultimate destiny, Lead us this day on a crooked path. So often we are in so much of a hurry...
Meditation on Eternal Life
From WorshipWeb
Do you seek eternal life? Would you accept it if you knew it was already yours? None of us knows what the future may bring. None of us knows the hour of...
Flower Communion Blessing
From WorshipWeb
To be shared after the flowers have been distributed... Within our hands we hold the resurrection of the world....
All of Us Are Beautiful
From WorshipWeb
We come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Some of us grow in bunches. Some of us grow alone....
Dedication of a New Chalice
From WorshipWeb
We, the Members of the [Name] Unitarian Universalist Congregation, dedicate this chalice to Truth, to Community, and to Commitment....

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