Meditation on Broken Hearts

Let us enter into a time of meditation, contemplation, and prayer.
Feel the earth beneath your feet as it supports you.
Feel the love of this community as it surrounds and enfolds you.
Feel your breath as it flows in
and out of your body.
Listen to your heartbeat.
Listen to your heart...

And how is it with your heart?
Does your heart feel whole, shielded by intellect, cocooned by reason,
closed to feeling?
Or is it broken, fragile to the touch, brimming with the pain of loss?

Or has your heart been broken and healed so many times
that it now lies open to the world,
knowing that true growth comes not without pain,
that tears may wear down barriers,
that we may carry the hearts of others
even when our own is too heavy for us to bear.

None of us has an unblemished heart, not one.
For such perfection can be found only in death,
and we who are alive still have much to heal.
So let us give thanks for the broken places in our hearts,
and in our lives.
For it is only through such brokenness that we may truly touch one another
and only through touching one another that the world may be healed.

Let us give thanks then for the brokenness that we share.