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What the Dickens! A Christmas Carol
From WorshipWeb
Leader 1: This is a special night – Christmas Eve, the night before we celebrate the birth of a Jewish leader whose life and words have changed the mind...
Mary and Joseph Remember
From WorshipWeb
A Christmas Play for Grownups Minister: Tonight I invite you to imagine yourselves there that holy night, when a mother and father had their first child.
Winter Meditation
From WorshipWeb
Something has changed in me this winter. In the past I’ve focused on how long winter is, How miserable I find it, and how it seems so interminable. This...
Waiting to Be Born
From WorshipWeb
Waiting to be born, again, into the morning, onto the day, from dark warm comfort, of my bed full of sleep and blankets, back into bright spring-scented...
Water Blessing - Wedding Blessing
From WorshipWeb
The Wedding blessing is to be used with a wedding ritual of pouring water from two vessels into a common vessel, as an alternative to a unity candle.
A Flower Communion for Colleagues
From WorshipWeb
Opening words (by Tess Baumberger) Reader 1: There will be a brightness to this day Even if there be but cloud and rain outdoors....
The Death of American Innocence
From WorshipWeb
Innocence does not die at once, in that first raptured thrust. It dies in each small seduction, in every subsequent acquiescence.
Let Us Make this Earth a Heaven
From WorshipWeb
Let us make this earth a heaven, right here, right now. Who knows what existences death will bring? Let us create a heaven here on earth where love and...
Wise Woman Redwood
From WorshipWeb
I lean against wise woman redwood, press my cheek to her scaly side and cry, whisper how I wish to be a tree, so I would no longer have to see what huma...
Pastoral Thought: December 16, 2001
From WorshipWeb
The holiday season is upon us But this year many of us Move toward it with leaden feet. It has been such a year.

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