Winter Meditation

Something has changed in me this winter.
In the past I’ve focused on how long winter is,
How miserable I find it, and how it seems so interminable.
This winter, I find myself thinking instead
That every day, every hour, every minute
Brings us just that much closer to spring.
We all experience wintry times,
When things seem harsh and frozen,
Or muffled by layered shrouds of snow.
It is helpful to remember that each day that dawns bleakly,
Each night that wraps its cold cloak around our hearts,
Brings us closer to that time of warm and vibrant sun.
It is perhaps helpful to consider that turning toward spring is an active thing,
The earth which seems so stable in fact flies quickly through space,
On its path that tilts us ever towards the Source.
So, too, each memory we lay to rest,
Each truth in ourselves that we encounter and accept,
Each wrong act that we forgive, ushers us on towards our renewal.