Sofia Betancourt

Full name: Rev. Sofia Betancourt

Sofía Betancourt

The Rev. Betancourt is the Assistant Professor of Theology and Ethics at Starr King School for the Ministry and will serve as Interim Co-President for the Commission for Institutional Change. Her work as a religious educator, parish minister, and seminary professor provide well-honed leadership qualities prompted the UUA Board to appoint her Interim Co-President of the UUA for the Commission for Institutional Change on April 10, 2017.

From Sofia Betancourt

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Theological Grounding for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Elías Ortega, Mykal Slack, Sofia Betancourt, Ranwa Hammamy

From LeaderLab
We are called to wrestle with our theological legacy and engage with it in the search for deeper spiritual depth and communal inspiration.


Praise the Lorde!

Sofia Betancourt

From Uplift
As a queer woman of color, I experience the diminishment of my own humanity when people try to convince me that focusing on racism somehow ignores sexis...

UU World

The power of we

Elandria Williams, Carey McDonald, The Rev. Mr. Barb Greve, Sofia Betancourt, Elías Ortega

From UU World Magazine
Questions probing the heart of Unitarian Universalism.
The missing remnant: 2018 Service of the Living Tradition sermon

Sofia Betancourt

From UU World Magazine
We seek to reform Unitarian Universalism because we can never be the bearers of love and justice if the foundation that sustains us is still perpetuatin...
Making this a time of opportunity

Sofia Betancourt, William G Sinkford, Leon Spencer

From UU World Magazine
From the interim co-presidents: We are committed to making this a time of opportunity and not merely a troubled time to be survived.

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