Mark L. Belletini

Full name: Rev. Mark L. Belletini

Mark Belletini

The Rev. Mark Belletini is minister of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus, Ohio. He served as chair of the Hymnbook Resources Commission, which produced the 1993 UUA hymnal, Singing the Living Tradition. He is the author of the 2008 UUA Meditation Manual, Sonata for Voice and Silence: Meditations  and the pamphlet ​"Worship in UU Congregations;" and Nothing Gold Can Stay: The Colors of Grief (Skinner House, 2015).

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Skinner House Books

Sonata for Voice and Silence
From Skinner House Books

The 2008 inSpirit title. The inSpirit Series was previously known as the Meditation Manual Series.

Nothing Gold Can Stay
The Colors of Grief
From Skinner House Books

In 22 simple yet profound reflections, seasoned minister Mark Belletini explores the many and varied forms of grief.

Spirit | UU World

Reading for the day
From Spirit
Love the gift of your life and do no harm.

UU World

The art of living through a pandemic
From UU World Magazine
During the AIDS era, the saving presence of art in my life enabled me both to grieve full time and to serve as a minister full time.
Grief and weariness
From UU World Magazine
Grief has often worn me out, while restoring me to myself at the same time.


In Heaven
From WorshipWeb
Ah, it’s true. When our ancestors spoke of heaven, they were speaking of this moment. When they went on about nirvana they imagined a time like this.
From WorshipWeb
Barukh atah, Emeth! Blest are you, o Truth. Like the fabled Moses, I too can never claim to have seen you “face to face.” Too often, I’ve hung my own...
Spiritual History
From WorshipWeb
Let my body remember. Let my hands and feet remember. Let my breath remember those who have come before me, those who have come before us. Didn’t...
Part as Parcel
From WorshipWeb
I am part of you, O Truth Unfolding. I am part of you. I am part of a cosmos. I cannot see either its edge or its end. How amazing!...
Communion Circle
From WorshipWeb
The earth. One planet. Round, global, so that when you trace its shape with your finger, you end up where you started. It's one. It's whole....

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