Spiritual History

Sonata for Voice and Silence Meditations

By Mark Belletini

From Skinner House Books

The 2008 inSpirit title. The inSpirit Series was previously known as the Meditation Manual Series.

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Let my body remember.
Let my hands and feet remember.
Let my breath remember
those who have come before me,
those who have come before us.
Didn’t Muhammad wait quietly in his cave?
And didn’t Jesus sigh silently by the blue lake?
And Guan Yin, didn’t she sit in silence
thinking about what to do before doing it?
And what was Siddhartha the Buddha doing
anyway under that tree if not just sitting quietly?
And Susan B. Anthony, didn’t she push back
from her desk, and take a breath now and then?
And Florence Nightingale, didn’t she
put down her nurse’s hat
and think silently about what to write
in her essay on mysticism before she actually wrote it?
And Sophia Fahs, didn’t she stop telling
stories sometimes and just sit there?
And didn’t Black Elk just notice the sunlight
glancing off his chair sometimes?
And Starhawk, does she only talk and write, or
does she too keep silence?
Let us remember them all with our bodies.
Let us remember them with the silence
they too knew.