Judith L Quarles

Full name: Judith L. Quarles

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Spirit of life, bring to us beauty
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of life, bring to us beauty—the beauty of snowdrops and tulip shoots. Bring to us strength—the strength of torrents of spring streams and the...
How Shall We Pray?
From WorshipWeb
Let us join our hearts and minds in the quiet of meditation and prayer. How shall we pray? First, let us be open to the silence....
Meditation for Beginning
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of life and love, In this season of beginning Some of us are hurried and harried. Some of us feel sorrowful and afraid....
For We Are in Need
From WorshipWeb
Holy spirit, We feel you moving among us here. Bless us with your presence. For we are in need… …in need of strength and courage. Our road is filled...
A Community of Faith
From WorshipWeb
At this hour, in small towns and big cities, in single rooms and ornate sanctuaries, many of our sibling Unitarian Universalist congregations are also...

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