Spirit of life, bring to us beauty

Spirit of life, bring to us beauty—the beauty of snowdrops and tulip shoots.

Bring to us strength—the strength of torrents of spring streams and the quiet strength of roots pushing deep into the ground for nourishment.

Bring to us pleasure—the pleasures of maple syrup sticky and sweet on our tongues and the wind grabbing a kite and taking it high—if only we could go too!

Bring to us wisdom—the knowledge that new life springs up without help. In spite of everything we do or don't, green shoots will bring in the spring; grass and weeds and dandelions will appear.

Bring to us love—springtime love has magic in it. The children look cherubic, the parents look eager, the lovers look lost, the seniors look satisfied. Let springtime love be a part of our lives. Spirit of life, come to us that all the energy and power of spring will make us tall and smiling and expectant. Amen.