Jonalu Johnstone

Full name: Rev. Jonalu Johnstone

UU World author The Rev. Jonalu Johnstone

The Rev. Jonalu Johnstone has served as program minister of the First Unitarian Church, Oklahoma City since 2002. Previously, as a growth consultant she helped small and mid-size congregations of the Southwestern UU Conference understand and address their particular strengths and challenges. She has served the Channing UU Church in Edmond as consulting minister, the James Reeb UU Congregation in Madison (Wisconsin) as new congregation minister, and the UUA working with the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan Strategy for Growth.

A graduate of Harvard Divinity School, Jonalu was ordained in 1993 by the UU Fellowship of Greater Cumberland (Maryland). She has contributed leadership to Interweave Continental, the UUMA Committee on Ethics and Collegiality, the Southwestern UU Conference, the Oklahoma Food Co-op, and other organizations. She resides with her partner of 25 years, Jane Powell, in Oklahoma City, where each has a parent nearby.

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