Playground Dedication

A close-up of a young, smiling child swinging on a playground swing

We gather this afternoon, under this sky with these clouds and sun, connecting with this earth, which nourishes and supports us, to dedicate this natural playground. New things need to be recognized and appreciated – that’s what we do with a dedication. To dedicate means to set something aside for a particular purpose. What is the purpose of this playground? PLAY! And joy! We are blessing this space, wishing all the good wishes we can for its future, praying that delight and joy will always surround and fill it.

optional: We begin with the blessing of song. [choir or participants sing "I Seek the Spirit of a Child"]

Now we dedicate this space to the children here and to all those in the future who will use the playground. We dedicate it, also, to the good of the earth, from which the trees come and to which we all return. We dedicate it for physical movement and for making friends. We dedicate it for creativity.

May this space be blessed by the joy of play and the connections of friends. May it be blessed by the great [state/province] sky and the [state/province] earth. May it be blessed by those who touch it and move on it and who watch others play. May it connect all who use it with the earth, with one another and with wonder.

(Amend references to weather & terrain as needed.)