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Erika A. Hewitt
Minister of Worship Arts
Unitarian Universalist Association Ministries and Faith Development

Erika Hewitt is the UUA's Minister of Worship Arts and Editor of Braver/Wiser, a weekly spirituality series. In addition to serving the UUA half-time, Erika also serves as a Unitarian Universalist parish minister and wedding officiant in Maine. It's a lot of ministries to keep track of, but she does it with playfulness, grit, and a hotline to Spirit.

Erika and Becky Brooks have written a doorstop-size book of theme-based ministry resources, Sparks of Wonder, which will be published in summer 2019 after four years of work (no thanks to Erika's 2016 breast cancer "journey" — and only she gets to call it that).

Erika's previous books are Story, Song and Spirit and The Shared Pulpit.

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