Coming of Age

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  • Rite of Passage Liturgy
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  • God of our hearts,
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    God of our hearts, that which enlightens and ennobles us, we come together in a unity of spirit to celebrate a personal commitment of these young men an...
  • Coming of Age Chalice Lighting
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    This light unites us. This light unites us with our neighbors, Our friends and our enemies. Most importantly, This light unites us within ourselves. Our...
  • Coming of Age Chalice Lighting Words
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    As we light this chalice We take those little sparks Glowing within all of us And combine them to create this flame. —First Parish, Bedford, MA, Coming...
  • Some Wishes For You
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    I wish for you a troubled heart at times As woes of world and friend come close beside And keep you sleepless....
  • Celebrating Coming of Age
    Unitarian Universalist teenagers usually join their congregations with a ceremony preceded by a curriculum helping them to articulate their own beliefs.