God of our hearts,

God of our hearts, that which enlightens and ennobles us, we come together in a unity of spirit to celebrate a personal commitment of these young men and women.

We join in thanksgiving. Here we are grateful for all who have contributed to our Unitarian and Universalist faith and have brought us to today.

We join together in remembrance. Here we are reminded of all who came before us and left this church as their heritage.

We join together in promise. Here we commit ourselves to the new day dawning even as we would long for the security of the old.

In this quiet moment, blessed by remembrance and hope we pause in prayer: Help us, O God, that we may love and serve one another. Give us courage and strength. Grant that we may be searchers after justice and mercy. Remind us to laugh together to lighten our burdens and Encourage us to give back to our heritage that which will endure from generation to generation. Amen