Spiritual Leadership for Culture Change: A Community of Practice

Sewing tools in blue/green

Whatever ministries you are part of — worship, music, faith formation, hospitality, social justice, governance, or anything else — the practices of Spiritual Leadership are a theologically faithful way to create Beloved Community within and beyond the congregation. So much pulls us away from living at the center of our values. The practices of Spiritual Leadership help us cultivate the creativity, resistance, and resilience that are needed to make the culture change we are called to make.

Such faithful living takes practice...and company. We are organizing a community of practice for anyone interested in embedding the practices of Spiritual Leadership in their congregational life and beyond. A community of practice is a network of people with a common interest who commit to connecting with each other in order to deepen their practice around that interest.

NER staff will convene the group every couple of months. Attendance is not required but invited based on interest in the topic and design for each gathering. We will use various formats: presentations, case studies, Q and A sessions, small group engagement, congregational stories of challenge and transformation, etc. Each will be advertised well in advance so participants can plan accordingly.

We expect that as the network grows over months and years, participants will make themselves available to each other during and between convenings for mutual support, accountability, resource-sharing, thought-partnership, and more. We also assume sub-groups will form as people connect across common questions and concerns, and that new people will join in the community over time.

Regardless of current familiarity or experience with the Spiritual Leadership practices, all those interested are welcome to join at any time using this form.