Spiritual Leadership for Culture Change: A Community of Practice (SL4CC)

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It takes practice to resist and transform cultures we are part of that do not align with our values.

It also takes practice to maintain cultures that already align with our values — particularly when these are under threat.

Maintaining, resisting, transforming — it all takes practice.

And practice takes community — to help us remember, to encourage us, to offer us models and to be a witness.

We launched this community of practice in 2022 for anyone — lay people and religious professionals — interested in embedding the practices of Spiritual Leadership in their congregational life and beyond. By supporting individuals in these practices, congregations help shape culture to reflect our Principles and deepest values.

Whatever ministries you are part of — worship, music, faith formation, hospitality, social justice, governance, or anything else — the practices of Spiritual Leadership are a theologically faithful way to shape culture within and beyond the congregation. So much pulls us away from living at the center of our values. The practices of Spiritual Leadership help cultivate the creativity, resistance, and resilience that are needed to co-create the world our hearts know is possible.

Please review the resources that were generated from this community of practice!

What Next?

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More Information

Resources for the community of practice — including materials supplied for and generated at previous gatherings