Liberating Governance for Our Times: A Community of Practice

Liberating Gov. For Our Times

Inspired by the Business Resolution (PDF) adopted by the 2022 General Assembly to create UUA governance that is “dynamic, accountable, flexible, and responsive,” we invite you to consider your congregation’s ways of sharing power and making decisions. Are your systems dynamic, accountable, flexible, and responsive? Are we creating liberatory ways of being within our congregations as we work for liberation in the world?

Most of us could use some help with this! We created a community of practice on liberating governance for our times - please check out the rich resources.

We met every other month for 90 minutes to learn together and support each other in making the changes needed in our congregations. We learned together and loosened stuck places, recentered our purpose and values, and learned more inclusive styles of decision making.

What Next?

Please check out our new learning community Liberating Practices.

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