Widening the Circle Study/Action Guide

Widening the Circle of Concern: Report of the UUA Commission on Institutional Change, June 2020 (cover)

The Study/Action Guide for Widening the Circle of Concern (PDF, 41 pages) engages Unitarian Universalists in reflection and action to change our culture in anti-racist and anti-oppressive ways based on the 2020 report of the UUA’s Commission on Institutional Change. The Study/Action Guide strongly encourages that this not just be a curriculum for discussion. The intro states, “the study/action effort should be understood as a ministry effort related holistically to the entire faith community.” Therefore, in conjunction with the establishment of workshop sessions, the congregation as a whole be engaged. This involves Sunday services around the report’s themes and an invitation to read Widening the Circle.

The Widening the Circle Study/Action Guide lays out plans for eleven sessions, each corresponding with chapters of Widening the Circle of Concern. The recommended time length for a session is 90 minutes.