Beyond Basic Representation Webinar

Dismantling White Supremacy Culture Resource of the Month

Beyond Basic Representation webinar

A new video has been added to the UUA’s WorshipWeb series “Decentering Whiteness in Worship.” The newest webinar, "Beyond Basic Representation: Taking Our Anti-Racist Commitment into Worship," is a conversation about why and how UU worship leaders need to do more than include readings by authors of color in worship, and why the next stage of our collective spiritual growth calls for the (often uncomfortable) creation of new processes and relationships.

Recorded in June 2019, this conversation between Julica Hermann de la Fuente, Aisha Hauser, and Rev. Erika Hewitt begins with the question Why can't we search WorshipWeb for authors who are people of color? and extends into an expansive discussion of applying anti-racism work to Unitarian Universalist worship. Watch the webinar.

While you’re there, check out the first two webinars, “Decentering Whiteness in Worship, Part 1” and “Decentering Whiteness in Worship... Continuing the Conversation.” These webinars are designed to help UU worship leaders learn how they can decenter whiteness, take apart models and habits that uphold white supremacy culture, and find new ways to create worship.