MidAmerica Bylaws: Article V. Board of Trustees

Section 1. Enumeration of the Regional Board.

(a) The Board of Trustees of the Region (“Regional Board”) shall consist of nine (9) voting trustees (including the officers) and 1 ex-officio non-voting member, the UUA-appointed MidAmerica regional Lead Staff person, or that person's designee.

(b) All voting trustees shall serve three (3) year terms, with three (3) trustees being elected every year. No trustee shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms.

Section 2. Officers. The officers of the Region shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

They shall be elected by the board from among their members at the first meeting after June 30th of each year. Officers serve until the first meeting following June 30th of the following year, unless removed under section 6 below, and may be re-elected if they remain on the board. If an office becomes vacant, the board shall elect a replacement at the next meeting from among its members to complete the remaining term. Should the board be unable to reach agreement on an officer appointment, the board president shall make the appointment. The officers shall serve until completion of their terms and until their successors shall have been duly elected or appointed.

Section 3. Qualifications and Limitations for Election. Each elected member of the Regional Board and each member of the Nominating Committee shall be a member in good standing of one of the member congregations of the Region, be a Minister Serving a MidAmerica Congregation, or be a CLF member residing within MA geography. If someone is a member of both CLF and a MidAmerica congregation, for the purposes of this section their membership will be deemed to be in the congregation physically located in MidAmerica. The Board of Trustees and the Nominating Committees, together, shall not have more than two (2) members from the same congregation serving at the same time. No person shall simultaneously hold more than one elected position.

Section 4. Term of Office. The term of the members of the Regional Board shall begin on the July 1st subsequent to their election, or immediately upon appointment in the case of a vacancy.

Section 5. Vacancies. Vacancies on the Regional Board may be filled by action of the Regional Board until the next Annual Meeting at which time the vacancy shall be filled by election for the balance of the unexpired term of the previous incumbent in accordance with these Bylaws. Individuals appointed or elected to serve for less than one-half (1/2) of an unexpired term will be eligible to be elected for two (2) additional consecutive terms.

Section 6. Removal from Office. Any individual trustee may be removed from office for failure to fulfill the duties of the office, or otherwise for cause, by the action of a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Regional Board, provided that the trustee has received notice of the proposed removal and is given an opportunity to address the Board, either at the meeting or in writing.