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Your Magical Bangin Summer Wardrobe

Sara Green

Sara Green's 'Bangin Summer Wardrobe'

By Sara Green

But can we talk about what everyone is wearing to Pride, General Assembly, around the house in 90 degree weather, the beach and the cookout? There are so many options to how we adorn ourselves and articulate our lifeforce. As a Gemini and summer babe, I get VERY excited about all the opportunities of the summer time to see and be seen. I know that I have been strategizing my summer wardrobe for a quite a while because I believe that its power goes so deep! How we dress ourselves can provide incredible reminders of how just magical we are. Symbols and colors and textures are rich with ways to make us bold and courageous and full of life.
So for a brief synopsis of my General Assembly look, here’s what I’ll be sporting. First, farm boots for my feet. This girl is going to be on the move. Next, A tool belt. This beauty I discovered last year when I had pens, tape, a notebook, bandaids, tampons, tissue and lipstick with me at all time. I secretly aspire to be Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus, ready to give the people what they need. On my head- a head scarf, red lipstick and gold hoops. Here, I’m tapping into radical queer femme energy that says both “I’m really cute, well rested and curated” and “I’m not here for your foolishness, so take that somewhere else.” Lastly, I’m going to dye my fingertips indigo to remind myself of my favorite Octavia Butler quote from Parable of the Sower: “All that you touch, you change.”
My hope for this year’s pride season is that we go deep into our dream space and dare to imagine new worlds on large and small scales. Obviously this work is needed in our legislation (which people are tirelessly working on day in and day out). But we can also work on how this world looks and feels in ways that refresh and energize us. And this work is so rad because only we can do it. Only we can imagine what it looks like to celebrate the beauty in our genders (or lack thereof) and desire.
I, as the new Youth and Young Adults of Color Ministry Associate at the UUA will be on the lookout for ways to construct new worlds alongside the work of deconstructing violent systems of domination. You can find me at General Assembly and other workshops through the summer and fall. But in the meantime, let’s start a trend. Post pictures of your bangin’ summer wardrobe using #uuqueerconstructionclothes. We’ll find each other and dream together about what this world looks like!

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Sara Green

Sara Green here. I am a southern, cis/queer/poly, Black femme minister living near Nashville, TN. I imagine liberation/salvation/beloved community as communities that have the ability to eat good food together, experience pleasure in our bodies and...


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