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Headshot for Sara Green, youth and young adults of color ministry associate in the UUA Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries.

Sara Green

Sara Green here. I am a southern, cis/queer/poly, Black femme minister living near Nashville, TN. I imagine liberation/salvation/beloved community as communities that have the ability to eat good food together, experience pleasure in our bodies and regularly put their hands in soil—all the while free from fear and violence by way of all of the cultural and legal changes that must happen in order for this world to exist. I understand myself as part of a legacy of cultural workers, healers, maroons and creoles, southern queer freedom fighters and artists trying to shape god. And I feel so blessed to be doing this work now.

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I did a little research on the history of National Coming Out Day. It began in 1988 with the premise that coming out as a queer or trans person was the most basic form of activism one could do, because of the rationale that it is harder for people to hate queer or trans people if they know one.

By Sara Green | October 10, 2018 | From Uplift
Tagged as: Youth Ministry, LGBTQ Issues, LGBTQ Welcome & Equality

But can we talk about what everyone is wearing to Pride, General Assembly, around the house in 90 degree weather, the beach and the cookout? There are so many options to how we adorn ourselves and articulate our lifeforce....

By Sara Green | May 31, 2018 | From Uplift

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