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Effective Congregational Governance: Organizing for Mission and Ministry
Effective Congregational Governance: Organizing for Mission and Ministry
Congregational Administration

Governance in Congregations (PDF, 19 pages)

Your Congregation's Bylaws: A Guide to Effective Writing and Revising

Effective Congregational Committees (PDF, 36 pages)

Contact your UUA District office to discuss your committee

Join communication forums like Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) email lists to discuss committee ideas with others in congregations

See the InterConnections newsletter for lay leaders

Harvest the Power: Developing Lay Leadership is a UUA curriculum for church leaders which can help equip congregational leaders

Telephone or video conferencing can be a useful way of gathering, if time or distance is a factor in arranging meetings in congregations with a wide catchment area. Your web browser, and the advice of those you trust,can help select a provider. Additionally, participants should become familiar with teleconferencing etiquette, as it differs from that for face-to-face meetings. The world wide web can supply information on this, also. Although teleconferencing and video conferencing can be convenient, holding face-to-face meetings makes it easier to build community, which is in large measure what congregations are about.

Congregational Committees

Meetings that Work (PDF, 38 pages)

Facilitating Fruitful Retreats (PDF, 6 pages)

Lay Leadership Resources

Congregational Polity

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