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What is Sociocracy?

This is a 18 minute introduction into sociocracy (aka Dynamic Governance) produced by Sociocracy For All. It covers circles and roles, meetings and consent, feedback and selection processes.

Also known as Dynamic Governance, this model offers a flattened, responsive, and more inclusive structure. Congregations that wish to dismantle White Supremacy in their institutions are looking into this model.

We recommend that congregations start small by developing the practice of using discernment circles (see the resources under "Contents" below) for important discussions for boards, teams, and committees before thinking about implementation of Sociocracy as an overall governance structure.


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About the Author

Renee Ruchotzke

Rev. Renee Ruchotzke (ruh-HUT-skee) is a Congregational Life Consultant and program manager for Leadership Development.

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