Justice and Inclusion: Ministering Effectively in Our Multicultural World

Reflection on Finding Our Way Home 2018

Group photo from Finding Our Way Home 2018

By Janice Marie Johnson

Most recently, I had the pleasure of hosting our UU religious professionals of color at our yearly retreat, Finding Our Way Home. This annual gathering is precious, sacred time for many of us, and this year was no different. It is important that religious professionals of color save the date: March 13 to March 16, 2019 for next year’s gathering.

Once we were small and our community had hope that one day we would become many. I’ve lived long enough to see prayers come into being. I bless and love you all.

I received the following blessing last March, at the end of our annual gathering for UU religious professionals of color, Finding Our Way Home. It was given to me anonymously during the closing circle. I’ve tucked it away in the gift bag that I custom made to sustain me from now to FOWH 2019. It holds a special place in my heart reminding me that there is a great cloud of witnesses from the Diaspora paying attention to what we are about these days.

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Janice Marie Johnson

Dr. Janice Marie Johnson joined the Ministries and Faith Development staff group in January 2019 as Co-Director and serves as its sole Director as of January 2024.

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