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  • Basic Freedoms in a Homophobic World

    On February 27th, 2014 the NGO Committee on Human Rights and Unitarian Univeralist United Nations Office held a panel discussion on Homophobia around the world.The panel centered on actions taken by the Russian, Ugandan, Nigerian, and Indian governments against the LGBTQIA...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 3/4/2014
  • 2014 Every Child is Our Child Site Visit

    In early February, Bruce Knotts, UU-UNO Director, and Maria Militano, Every Child is Our Child (ECOC) intern, traveled to Odumase Krobo, Ghana for our yearly monitoring visit. The purpose of this visit was to maintain our relationship with the ECOC leaders, build new connections...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 2/26/2014
  • Meet Susan: Our Wonderdul High School Student

    During our 2014 site visit (INSERT LINK), we had the pleasure of meeting a very special student that has been in our program since 2010. Susan is an inspiring young woman whose resilience and perseverance shines through. She is 18 years of age and is in her first year of Senior...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 2/24/2014
  • 'Anti-gay' bill becomes law in Uganda (updated)

    It was dreadful to wake up this morning to the news that the President of Uganda had signed the 'anti-gay' bill into law. Though this action has looked likely for weeks, there has been some hope that Museveni would challenge the popular will in his country. Instead, he re-...
    By Eric Cherry | 2/24/2014
  • Final Session of the Open Working Group for Sustainable Development

    We are Here, and We are Heard Once again, the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO) played an active role during the final session of the Open Working Group (OWG) on Sustainable Development. Between the dates of February 3rd and 7th, the OWG8 discussed important...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 2/21/2014
  • Eleanor Mason

    Our esteemed colleague and beloved friend Eleanor Mason passed January 29th, 2014, peacefully in her daughter's arms at the age of 94. A founding member of the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship (MUF), Eleanor was the UU-UNO volunteer Envoy Coordinator for many years, succeeded by...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 2/18/2014
  • KUJENGA MADARAJA: Spanning Cultures

    New York became the World Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist community hub when 120 participants from 25 different countries gathered January 27-31 for the Council Meeting and Conference of the International Council of Unitarian Universalists (ICUU)). This was first time that...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 2/14/2014
  • FUSW Youth Exchange Program

    U/U youth are invited to participate in an international youth exchange program through the First Unitarian Society of Westchester (FUSW). Since 2008, American U/U youth have been exchanging with U/U families in Europe for a couple weeks each year, experiencing the profound...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 2/12/2014
  • A Review of the LGBT-Faith and Asylum Network Retreat

    A Review of the LGBT-Faith and Asylum Network Retreat January 8-January 10, 2014 The trip from New York City to Washington, D.C., daunting as it may seem for a first-timer, is quite easy and comfortable. As a native New Yorker, born and raised, I had never embarked on a trip to...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 1/16/2014
  • Beyond Agreements and Laws - Doing World Peace with International Bridges to Justice

    Is world peace an optimist’s dream? Something shouted at war protest by people who don’t understand the way the world works? Or is it something much more realistic? If you want to take action that’s beyond just talking about it – this is for you. As broadcast on KKFI Kansas City...
    By Sarah Foster | 1/15/2014
  • Uganda Passes the Anti Homosexuality Bill

    On Friday, December 20, 2013, the Ugandan Parliament passed the long-dreaded kill-the-gays bill otherwise known as the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. The bill, as passed, does not call for the death penalty; instead, it mandates life imprisonment for "aggravated homosexuality."...
    By Bruce Knotts | 12/20/2013
  • Dark Day for Gay rights in India

    Last week's report that India's Supreme Court had issued a ruling upholding the criminalization of gay sex was shocking. And, LGBT activists in India have organized and responded quickly. Derek Mitchell, the Director of the UUA's Holdeen India Program writes from New Delhi that...
    By Eric Cherry | 12/16/2013

    .. If you're a U/U young adult living outside the US, we want to talk to you! The UUA International Office is conducting a listening project. If you're interested, book Shawna Foster or send her an email . What's a listening project? It's when an interviewer spends time with a...
    By Eric Cherry | 12/13/2013
  • Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office Reflections on the Warsaw Climate Change Conference

    Warsaw Climate Conference 2013 – THE INSIDE SCOOP Since 1995, The United Nations Climate Change Conference has been held annually at different locations around the world. This year, the conference was held in Warsaw, Poland from November 11th through the 23rd. We were fortunate...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 12/10/2013
  • KUJENGA MADARAJA - Spanning Cultures: ICUU Conference & Council Meeting

    The International Council of Unitarians and Universalists (ICUU) will hold its biannual Conference and Council Meeting January 28-31, 2014 at the beautiful and inspiring campus of the UU congregation at Shelter Rock in Manhasset, New York. More than 140 Unitarians and Unitarian...
    By Nicole McConvery | 12/10/2013
  • UUA President Attends the 9th World Assembly of Religions for Peace: "Welcoming the Other"

    As I attend the Religions for Peace World Assembly in Vienna, I can’t help but feel deep pride as a Unitarian Universalist. There are more than six hundred religious leaders here from all over the world—Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs. There are even...
    By Eric Cherry | 11/22/2013
  • Religions for Peace will inaugurate 9th World Assembly

    Every 5-6 years the worlds largest and most representative interfaith organization focused on Peace, Religions for Peace (RFP) convenes a World Assembly of senior-most religious leaders for the purpose of forging a deep moral consensus on contemporary challenges, eliciting a new...
    By Eric Cherry | 11/19/2013
  • Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office Annual Fall Awards Ceremony

    The sound of laughter, smooth jazz, and the clink of champagne glasses rose out of Reidy Hall, located in the lower level of All Souls in New York City, on Friday evening, November 8th, 2013. Old friends were gathered around tables adorned with elegant flowing table cloths, felt...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 11/15/2013
  • UU Church of the Philippines and Typhoon Haiyan

    Update, Monday November 17, 0013: Reaching Out to Survivors in the Philippines In the week since a super typhoon devastated parts of the Philippines, UUSC and the UUA have sprung into action with the generous support of donors to the UUSC-UUA Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Relief...
    By Eric Cherry | 11/9/2013
  • All Souls Unitarian Church (Washington, DC) premiers amazing film

    In 1996, a box was uncovered at the home of a parishioner of All Souls Unitarian Church in Washington D.C. In that box were nearly 50 colorful drawings made by children as thanks for gifts received from the church fifty years earlier. Not many people in the church knew the story...
    By Eric Cherry | 11/6/2013


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