A Unitarian Pilgrimage to Transylvania

By Eric Cherry


Participants on a UUPCC pilgrimage to Transylvania. (Photo courtesy Rev. Saleska)
Reverend Kent Saleska, minister of the UU congregation in Wayzata, MN has provided terrific blogposts and photos from the UU Partner Church Council's most recent pilgrimage to Transylvania.
...this religious pilgrimage moved and changed me. First, I saw history come alive: I touched the rock that Francis David had stood upon and preached from in 1568; I stood in the ruined citadel where Francis David was imprisoned and died. Secondly, not only did history come alive, but I no longer saw Transylvanian Unitarianism in a historic context where it was relegated to scholarly history texts, but alive in the people of the region today. So as we traveled east from Segesvár (Sighișoara) I felt as though we were moving into the living heart of Hungarian Unitarianism.
Visit Rev. Saleska's blog: Tensile Strands and enjoy!

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