UU's Send Love, Rice, to Filipino UU's Affected by Typhoons

By UUA International Resources

Thanks to the combined efforts of Unitarians and UU's around the world, members of the UU congregations in The Philippines (Malingin and Doldol) have received generous donations of rice in the wake of food shortages from recent flooding.
In September 2009, two powerful typhoons, "Ketsana" followed by "Parma," swept throught the region. For a week an unprecedented amount of rain pounded the land, flooding and eroding the landscape, displacing 300,000 now-homeless residents and killing over 300 men, women, and children.
Many of the UU's on Negros Island, where most of the Filipino UU's reside in small agricultural/fishing villages, sustained serious damage to their crops from the heavy rains, creating a critical food shortage in the following months.
Moral and financial support were extended by the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists, the UUA, the UU Partner Church Council (UUPCC), partner congregations here in the U.S., individuals around the world, and the Unitarian Church of Transylvania. The combined support of all involved has resulted in several types of assistance, including, most recently, one bag of rice per family affected in both the UU Doldol and UU Malingin congregations. In total, thirteen bags of rice were sent to the Malingin congregants (pictured above); nine were sent to the Doldol members. The 50 kg sacks can each feed a large family for a week and have arrived just in time for the upcoming Christmas holiday.
In a particularly heartwarming gesture, the Unitarian Church of Transylvania provided very generous financial aid to the UU Church of the Philippines in response to the disaster. In recent years, the Unitarian Church of Transylvania has faced its own disasters and challenges; paying forward the kindness they received in their time of need, the Church has empathetically reached out to assist the affected UU Filipino brothers and sisters.
The UU Church of the Philippines expresses incredible thanks for all received assistance. Please enjoy a few pictures (below) of the families receiving, and celebrating, gifts of rice!
Many thanks to Rev. Nihal Attanayake (International Relations Officer, UU Church of the Philippines), Lee Boeke Burke (UU Partner Church Council), and Rev. Szabo Laszlo (Vice President, Board of the Unitarian Church of Transylvania) for contributing details to this update.

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