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August 16 - 23, 2017

Who We Can Turn To

What happened in Charlottesville is nothing new. We know how to fight it, and it is done in community—wherever we can find it. Spirit that runs through us all, remind me to look up, to reach out, to find those doing this work alongside me and join them.

Opposing White Supremacy

Love Showed Up Today in Charlottesville

UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray reflects on showing up for love and justice in Charlottesville, VA.

UU Community

Two Books Selected for 2017-2018 UUA Common Read

Learn more about Centering and Daring Democracy, selected for Unitarian Universalists to read collectively.

This Is My Religion

This Is My Religion

A countercultural vision of a world where religion can be a powerful force for good that unites us instead of divides us. #ThisIsMyReligion

Produced by One Letter Films for First Unitarian Congregational Society, Brooklyn NY