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Undocumented Youth Defend Right to Higher Education
Undocumented Youth Defend Right to Higher Education
Undocumented youth in New York stood up for their equal opportunity to higher education for undocumented people in a press conference on the stair steps in front of the City Hall on December 9th,  2011. Undocumented youth arrived to New York as children and wish to give back to their communities and state, yet they face many obstacles due to their immigration status (quoted from the website of Youth Leadership Council). The NYS Assembly Higher Education and Governmental Operations Committees held a hearing on the NYS DREAM Legislation later that day at the City Hall. Publicizing an official endorsement for NYS DREAM Act the night before the press conference, NYU president, John Sexton, openly supports this legislation that will provide real relief to undocumented youth. The public endorsement is available at:   As a faith-based organization dedicated to advance a peaceful, just, sustainable and pluralistic world community, the UU-UNO encourages fellow UU congregants in the United States to support both the federal and state DREAM Act. We also look forward to inviting members from New York State Youth Leadership Council to speak at the 2012 Spring Seminar – “Beyond Borders: Breaking Barriers of Race and Immigration”.

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