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Emerging Ministries

A group of about 25 adults and children stand together outdoors holding homemade signs that say "You Are Loved"

Sacred Path Church in Indianapolis, Indiana is one example of an emerging ministry

Unitarian Universalism changes lives for the better. Unitarian Universalists (UUs) want to spread our faith far and wide and share it generously with all who are seeking their spiritual home. So we support our emerging ministries: new groups or projects that are grounded in Unitarian Universalism and bring people together with intention.

Congregations, Covenanting Communities and Beyond

Emerging Ministries take many forms. Some groups, called Emerging Congregations, are working toward becoming member congregations in our larger association. Other initiatives come from within, between or beyond our congregations. One way new to be in authentic relationship with our larger movement for non-congregational groups is by becoming a Covenanting Community. Confused about these terms? See our glossary.

The Road to Covenanted UU Living

Your new group or project is trying to move people into covenanted UU living. How can staff at the Unitarian Universalist Association help you get there? You can hop on the road by getting in touch with your regional staff. Staff are prepared to support emerging congregations, meeting groups, campus ministries, intentional living and missional communities and multisite ministries. We also value other forms of ministry, such as prison and military outreach, and can connect you with resources for such projects. Confused about these terms? See our glossary.

People, Purpose, Partners

Starting an emerging ministry is sacred work and requires gathering core people, discerning your purpose and finding partners. A group needs a team of dedicated leaders who are committed to the project and to being in right relationship. Once gathered, these people must get clear about their purpose: what is the need this project will serve in the community and how will it work? Grounded in purpose, a group can then seek partners who share similar goals and will support the project. Partners such as existing UU communities, UU professionals, other faith communities, and local non-profits might offer funding, space, expertise, volunteers, publicity or collaboration on events.

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Creating, sustaining and supporting emerging ministries means learning as you go!

Unitarian Universalist Association Chalice

A room full of people and tables with folks milling about and interacting

CreateMeaning Northern Nevada is an example of an emerging ministry, offering meaningful classes and gatherings for the wider community.

Rev. John Crestwell does a GA Talk on a new ministry of the UU Church of Annapolis called AWAKE Ministries

Rev. Erik Martínez Resly gives a GA Talk on a hybrid emerging ministry called The Sanctuaries in Washington, DC.