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“Anatomy of a Bailout” Panel Discussion, #UUAGA 2018
Public Witness: “Anatomy of a Bailout” Panel Discussion, General Assembly 2018
General Assembly, Online GA

General Assembly 2018 Event

Program Description

Learn how the 2018 #MamasDayBailout in Kansas City came to be! Come hear about the process of executing a Bailout to free community members from remaining in jail simply because they cannot pay bail. Learn how congregations and our resources can be of use in resisting this way that people are criminalized for being poor. We’ll lift up the need to both alleviate the suffering now via Bailouts and push legislatively to actually #EndMoneyBail. BLUU and Love Resists will roll out our congregational #EndMoneyBail Toolkit at the panel. Moderated by Leslie Mac with Justice Gaston from Reale Justice Network & ACLU, MO, national and local organizers.


Panelists are listed left-to-right as they appear in the video.

  • Moderator: Leslie Mac 
  • LJ Brackson 
  • Ock Bowers
  • Justice Gatson
  • Antonio Ausler 

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