Salary and Fair Compensation for Congregational Staff
Salary Recommendations for Congregational Staff
Benefits & Compensation for Congregations

The UUA provides Salary Recommendations to aid congregations in paying their employees appropriately. Our recommendations should guide, but not limit, your compensation decisions. Our goal is to help you attract and retain excellent staff. We urge you to be a a faithful employer - one whose compensation and other staffing practices align with your congregation's mission and values.

Salary Resources

  • Guide to Salary Recommendations (PDF): This is our primary resource to assist you in understanding and using the Salary Recommendations in your specific context.
  • Capsule Job Descriptions (PDF) are brief job summaries for common staff positions in UU congregations, for use with UUA Salary Recommendations. Use the best-fit capsule description for each position, regardless of the job title in your congregation. A blend of two positions is often appropriate.
  • Geo Index Listing (The Geo Index is based on cost of wages, not cost of living. However, we are now listing a congregation's cost of living, relative to the national average, alongside their Geo Index.)
  • Geo Index Listing for 2020-2021 (PDF)
  • Geo Index Listing for 2019-2020 (PDF)
  • Strategies for Setting Staff Salaries: Topics covered in these webinar slides include Compensation Program history, development of Salary Recommendations, using Recommendations, complications and challenges, and sources of support.
  • Regionally-based Compensation Consultants are available at no charge to assist congregations in meeting UUA Compensation Standards.

Salary Recommendations

Salary Recommendations for 2020-2021

Important Information and Changes

  • Preservation of purchasing power is a fundamental compensation principle. Based on recent Consumer Price Index information, a pay increase of 1.8% is needed to maintain the typical employee's purchasing power over the next year. As you budget for staff salaries in the coming year, keep in mind that the first 1.8% of an employee's raise is going toward increased expenses.
  • Range midpoints and maximums have increased between 2% and 6%, depending on position and congregational size.
  • Minimum salaries for all positions and sizes have been adjusted so that every minimum is at least 85% of its corresponding midpoint. This has caused some range minimums to rise substantially. It also means that some "midpoints" are no longer the mathematical midpoint between the minimum and maximum. See our Guide to Salary Recommendations for explanation.
  • Although all UUA salary guidelines are consistent with the federal minimum wage, it is possible that some recommended salaries do not comply with all state and local wage laws. Please be aware of minimum or living wage laws in your area.

Salary Charts for 2020-2021

Salary Recommendations for 2019-2020

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