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A Message from Dr. Dennis Wellnitz, Joseph Priestley District

Dear Congregational Leader,

Speaking on behalf of the Joseph Priestley Board of Directors, it has been our honor and privilege to serve you during the transition to regionalization.  This process began many years ago when we entered into a planning process along with leaders from the three other former districts in the Central East Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association and UUA administrative and elected leadership.  Now our work and this process is complete.

During this time of transition, we have ensured that the congregations of the Joseph Priestley District would continue to receive the high level of services from the Central East Region that we had come to know from the District. We have ensured that designated funds will continue to serve our congregations in the manner in which they were intended.  And we are satisfied that sustainable governance linkage systems are in place that allow for congregations to communicate freely with the UUA Board of Trustees.

At the 2016 District Assembly, you voted to affirm our ability to dissolve the Joseph Priestley District at such a time as the Board felt was appropriate.  That time has now come.  We have discharged our final duties. Our congregations are in good hands. And it is time for us to say goodbye.

As individuals, we will each serve our congregations and the wider UUA in different ways.  You are already served by your primary contact from the Central East Region for program concerns.  Should you have governance concerns, you are invited to contact the UUA Board of Trustees directly.  A full list of trustees and contact information is available on the UUA BOT web page.

We officially dissolved the Joseph Priestley District at our final board meeting on March 8, 2019. Onward with the Central East Region.

In faith,

Dr. Dennis Wellnitz,
Joseph Priestley District

2019 Members of the Joseph Priestley District Board:
Susan Bennett, Madelyn Campbell, Greg Gaul, Keith Goheen, Christian Hartranft, Carla Johnson, Paul Pinson, Justis Tuia, Carol Carter Walker, Dennis Wellnitz
District Executive: David Pyle

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