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What Does the Business Manager for GA Youth Do?

General Assembly Youth Caucus at the Mic in GenSesh Hall

Youth taking a stance as part of the youth caucus at the pro mic in GenSesh

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Who You’d Work With

Hey! I am Julia Landis, a senior from Virginia, where I have attended Unitarian Universalist church for my entire life. I have played flute for almost ten years, I am a member of my high school’s wind ensemble, indoor drumline and marching band (where I am the drum major!!!!!). I am also the president of the music honors society at my school (I’m lowkey a HUGE band nerd). Swimming is my favorite type of exercise, coffee and tea are my preferred methods of getting caffeine; hiking and spending time with my family and friends are my favorite spiritual practices. My favorite type of food is chili (not spicy because I can’t handle that) and my favorite color is lavender.

What You’ll Do This Year

When I was the Junior Business Manager, I worked closely with my Senior learning about the business of the Association. We planned all the different ways we wanted to have youth get excited and interact with the business. My Senior and I created pro/con information graphics about all the different items of business on the GenSesh agenda year. We planned a workshop as a time where youth could create and form their own opinions about the business items that year. At General Assembly, after the youth caucused on the business items, my Senior and I formulated the youth’s opinions into powerful statements that we read in front of the General Assembly.

What Skills and Experience Will Make You Successful

So much of the Business Manager’s work is centered around GA, a lot of the work we do ahead of time, the plans we had, or the ideas we created may need to change very quickly because the General Assembly might have different ideas that we hadn’t accounted for. Having previous GA experience is important because you will have experience with Robert’s Rules at GA and you will better understand the flow of GA. Also being a person that can go with the flow is really important. Like I said before, lots of the work business managers do ahead of time will change at GA, so it is very important to be flexible and roll with that change.

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